Elegant Cards



This is a digital download only.

You will not receive anything in the mail.

This is for your own personal use.

You can use your purchased card as much as you wish for yourself only.

Thank you.

No refunds, as this is a digital download.

We have a basic background design that with the words and pictures layout touches the heart.

You MUST have Acrobat Reader to use our products correctly.

Supplied on our website are cards with a few basic greetings thoughts from a mother/father to a daughter, and from a daughter/son to a mother.

Of course our cards are not limited to these relationships.

This is why we call it “Introducing Elegant Cards”.

Adjust as you wish within respect of the elegance of our cards please.

You can personalize the cards or even change the words completely and insert the verbiage of your choosing.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Get Well, Dance School, and Special Occasions are a few examples of when to give one of our Elegant Cards.

Card size is about 8×10.5 inches, you can adjust the card size if you wish to do so.

Do Not Bend Cards.

Each Elegant Card is normally recommended to be double-sided at the print shop.

We recommend that after you download your card that you personalize both sides of the card as you wish.

Take your personalized Elegant Card to a print shop to have the cards printed on sturdy stock, trimmed to size, and laminated so that they last a long time.

Another option besides having your Elegant Card printed double-sided and laminated is to print each side separately and display them either in a picture frame on a display shelf or mounted on the wall.

You can also hang them on the refrigerator.